Frida Boccara, 1967 LP Rip

There are two records D-18475-7′ and D-20579-10′ combined together. Both recorded in 1966 in a good studio, Frida sings accompanied by the instrumental ensemble of V. Rubashevskiy. The variation in the quality of the recordings is striking, as if someone was experimenting with the equipment. Judging by the sound of the vocals on the D-20579, Frida sang in front of some cheap Soviet dynamic microphone, the voice is quite clamped. On the ff where Frida sings at some distance, the sound is clamped even more. The apotheosis of such a record is “Nejnost” where Frida sings with feeling and the orchestra sounds great! “A Man and a Woman” was good played, but the quality, as if on purpose, is the worst of all.

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Colette Renard – Raymond Legrand, 1967 LP Rip

Recordings by Colette Renard and the Raymond Legrand pop Orchestra from a tour in the USSR. It seems like these tours were in 1961, for these old years, the record sounds somewhat cold. Although when compared to Frida Baccara (1966), everything falls into place, Renard sounds clearer.

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Gerard Le Breton, 1950s LP Rip

The magical night road of Le Breton, hypnotizes as soon as the piano begins to play.

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Édith Piaf ‎– Chansons Des Cafés De Paris, 1950 LP Rip

If Piaf had sung only Sophie and nothing else, it would have been enough to consider her the greatest interpreter, improviser and magician.

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Édith Piaf – Encores, 1951 LP Rip

Good Lo-Fi sound is a clear, somewhat harsh. Orchestra and choir conducted by Robert Chauvigny. An unusual interpretation for a jazz lover of Autumn Leaves, which is difficult to evaluate from the first time.

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Édith Piaf ‎– Chansons Parisiennes, 1949 LP Rip

Lo-Fi audiophile sound. C’est Merveilleux perfectly conveys the smallest nuances of Piaf’s unique voice. And how many of them there are, these nuances! La Vie En Rose – a tape copy of the original with serious loss of clarity of sound.

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Yves Montand Sings, 1951 LP mono rip

The baritone of Yves Montand is in full glory.

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