Frida Boccara, 1967 LP Rip

There are two records D-18475-7′ and D-20579-10′ combined together. Both recorded in 1966 in a good studio, Frida sings accompanied by the instrumental ensemble of V. Rubashevskiy. The variation in the quality of the recordings is striking, as if someone was experimenting with the equipment. Judging by the sound of the vocals on the D-20579, Frida sang in front of some cheap Soviet dynamic microphone, the voice is quite clamped. On the ff where Frida sings at some distance, the sound is clamped even more. The apotheosis of such a record is “Nejnost” where Frida sings with feeling and the orchestra sounds great! “A Man and a Woman” was good played, but the quality, as if on purpose, is the worst of all.

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