N. Metner – Concert No.3, 1978 Melody LP Rip

The LP remastered from shellac records of the 1940s on the Russian Melodia in 1978 by Nikolai Morozov. Medtner paid little care for external effects in his music, which is partly why he was not as popular as Rachmaninoff or Prokofiev. All this, of course, does not detract from the importance of the maestro, on the contrary, only adds respect.

Nikolai Medtner – Concerto No. 3 (Ballad) For Piano And Orchestra, In E Minor, Op. 60 performed by the author, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Isai Dobrovein.

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A. Glazunov – Slavic quartet, 1953 LP Rip

The recording is magical, the instruments sing cleanly, merge into unusual-sounding chords, and create a touching, lyrical atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is these subtle-sounding recordings that suffer the most when digitized and uploaded to the site, and it is almost impossible to fully assess the characteristic features of the sound of such tracks on the Internet.

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Goedicke – Symphony No.3, Boris Haikin – 1956 LP Rip

Gedike’s Third Symphony, conducted by Boris Haikin, All-Union Radio Symphony Orchestra. Mosoblsovnarchoz RSFSR GOST-1956, a sample of large-scale full sound of the 1950s. Piano is legible, tutti is expressive — strings and brass do not go into a scream, trombones remain “in the body”. The magic cantilena characteristic of the early 1950s TU-1kl records is already absent.

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Classical Guitar, Soviet 1960s LP Rip

Four examples of the beautiful classical guitar.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1972 Melody LP mono Rip

Listen to the magic of Ivanov-Kramsky's guitar – the best performance of the Preludes of Villa-Lobos. The sound of the record is too compressed though.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1948 78RPM Rip

Beuatiful audiophile Lo-Fi of the 1940s! Yes, at the record Factory right after the war, there was a chic (german trophy?) equipment at 78. Switching to 33 in the early 1950s was, of course, a disaster.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1956 LP Rip

Impeccable intonation and taste – so you can characterize the guitar playing of A. Ivanov-Kramskoy, these tracks in particular.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1965 Melody LP Rip

It sounds like a re-release of 1940s records. Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy is one of the few classical guitarists with a filigree sense of rhythm, hypnotic sound and calligraphic sound extraction.

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Beethoven – Violin Concerto, D. Oystrakh 1952 LP Rip

TU-1kl 33 with a small red apple – the first Soviet LP records with surprisingly contradictory sound: the orchestra is clamped, sharp, while the solo instruments are clear, clean and with incredibly subtle intonations. Oystrach and his Stradivarius are in great shape on this record, they are a single whole, creating a musical narrative, interesting from beginning to the end. Oystrakh starts playing from the third minute and no longer lets anybody go off.

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Haydn – Sonata No. 3 In E Flat Major – Glenn Gould, 1958 LP rip

NEW – Energophone take – 28-02-2020

Clear, faceted Haydn, high-quality record. Gould is out of competition.

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