17 Moments of Spring – LP mono Rip

Flexible record. It's recorded a bit muffled, but musically well. The execution is charismatic, there are no words.

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4′ vinyl record – shake, LP Rip

Single-sided plate with a diameter of only 10 cm with the inscription “Long-playing 33 rpm Shake”, it looks like the 1960s. It would seem that what to expect from her, but she has a dense bass, a perky electric organ — a great example of vintage Lo-Fi! I wonder who made them and how..

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Caucasian Prisoner (Kavkazskaya plennitsa), 1969 LP Rip

The 7' D-19738 record. And again there is an interesting effect – in the voice of Aida Vedishcheva you can hear live, human intonations, which in the common recording was not audible.

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Diamond Hand (Brilyantovaia ruka), 1969 LP Rip

A flexible record of the late 1960s, the voices of the artists are recorded very expressively. Nikulin, it turns out, in each line of “A nam vse ravno” improvises and changes the pronunciation of phrases, then exaggerates, then jokes, then deliberately accentuates the fragment, this is most clearly heard when listening directly from the record and is not heard at all in the common digitization. Mironov sings much simpler, the loss of clarity on his vocals does not affect so much, but listening to him in Lo-Fi is still more interesting.

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Los Panchos, 1950s LP Rip

Recordings with great clarity of sound, judging by the sound – the originals of the 1940s. Wonderful musicians, a trip to Mexico of seventy years ago.

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Samotsveti, 1973 LP Rip

Energophone-II Full Range take

Remastered from flexible records, Russian pop-rock of early 1970s, classical audiophile sound of germanium transistors equipment. Record shows competent work of musicians and sound engineers — dense bass, correct compression, full-fledged voices, a bit dirty, but clear highs. Today, such level of pop music sound is completely unattainable.
The records are bent in some places so that incorrigible creases remain on the surface. When playing in these places, loud bass “plops” and floats are heard.
The expressiveness of the Energophone-II sound is most clearly visible on the female vocals of “Добрые приметы”.

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Demis Roussos – Souvenirs, 1975 LP mono rip

Energophone-II Full Range take

The Souvenirs – a super hit of the maestro and a decent record!, Action lady – the orchestra is mixed competently and in a variety way beautifully, but the voice is tortured by overdubs. “Midnight Is the Time I Need You” – is a good one., “Names” – skillfully combined from pieces and based on The Shadow of Your Smile. A good sounding pop orchestra as a big plus.

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Demis Roussos – Forever and Ever, 1973 LP mono rip

Characteristic of the transistor 1970s is a dirty mid-range and a lot of compression in an attempt to correct the lack of clarity of the sound. The situation is leveled by the good bass and drums of When I’m a Kid and, of course, the unusual vocal of the young “Pop Pavarotti”, who pulls out the blurred tracks Goodbye my Love and Forever and Ever, which once became hits despite the thorough efforts of sound engineers.

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Sinatra – songs for swinging lovers, 1956 mono LP

NEW – Energophone take – 01-03-2020

A characterized recording of the mid-1950s, which no longer conveys the integrity and warmth of the Capital 1940s, but is still pleasant and quite musical. The orchestra is neat, sounds somewhat detached, and Sinatra’s baritone creates an atmosphere where everything looks expensive and lush.

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