Macromedia mp3 encoder for Mac Classic

So far, AIFF files have been compressed on Mac G3 using the built-in encoder of the Audion player. From the three versions (standard, Lame, and Pro), the standard encoding was initially chosen, although the Lame allowed you to get files of similar quality with a lower bitrate. The clarity of Lame was also somewhat higher, but it worked unstable and had to be abandoned.

For Mac OS8 Classic, it is difficult to find reliably working programs, often there is no choice at all. The other day I accidentally found a couple of rare encoders-MP3 encoder 0.12 by Johan Lindvall, based on SWA Export Xtra from Macromedia and BladeEnc for Mac 1.4 by Petteri Kamppuri, based on BladeEnc 0.92.6 Copyright © 1999-2001 Tord Jansson. When I used to search purposefully, I couldn’t find them.

Both programs do their job better than Audion. Blade sounds a bit clearer, but is inconvenient, encoding only one file at a time. MP3 encoder already has the simplest interface, the sound is only slightly inferior to Blade, it works without failures. The choice eventually fell on the MP3 encoder by Johan Lindvall, now all files will be compressed only by it.

For example, using the MP3 encoder, the source files of Lionel Hampton sextet, 1951 LP were compressed in a new way

NEW – MP3 encoder by Johan Lindvall

OLD – Audion for Mac Classic

Current Issues and Comments

  • It’s difficult to put into words, but the new encoder plays more interesting. Less flat =)

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