Experimental tube loudspeaker-recordplayer made of vintage parts connected according to their Vector Orientation. The main distinctive feature of the system is the cabinet, the resulting Vector of which has the shape of an acoustic horn. Thus music energy is focused there, just like acoustic waves are focused in an acoustic horn.

Homemade SE piezo crystal

The recording equpment, v. 5 – a factory crystal of the late 1950s made of some compressed powder (barium titanate?) was used in recording system until recently. A common vintage piezo crystal consists of two plates, folded in the same planes together and wrapped in paper to give them strength. Factory crystal elements are always doubled and connected so that the external interference at the output is subtracted, and the amplitude of the useful signal increases. Technically, dual piezo pickups have only advantages, but subjectively they sound less clear than single-ended ones, just as a push-pull amplifier stage (PP), with other things being equal, sounds less clear than a single-ended (SE) one.

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