Benny Goodman and his orchestra, 1936-1947 78rpm shellac rip

The Goodman Orchestra at the height of its fame – dance melodies that do not claim to be sophisticated or refind. Vocals by Helen Foster, Peggy Lee and Martha Tilton.

Track list

1. «Changes» — Benny Goodman
2. «Lazy river» — Goodman – Forrest
3. «When its sleepy time down south» — Benny Goodman
4. «Oh look at me» — Goodman – Forrest
5. «Bob white» — Goodman – Tilton
6. «Im always chasing rainbows» — Goodman – Forrest
7. «Chlo-e» — Benny Goodman
8. «Full moon» — Goodman – Peggy Lee
9. «Love me or leave me» — Benny Goodman

Digitized with: Energophone, Apple Power Macintosh G3
Remastering – ℗ Anton Stepichev

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