Reinhardt – Grappelly – Bechet, 1960s LP rip

An example of remastering of Django and Bechet on the German Decca of some philophonist club. A thin 10″ plate with convex sides, most likely the late 1960s. The Bechet originals are a real audiophile Lo-Fi, recorded with overloads that give an extra drive, you can imagine how powerful it sounded in the original source.

If you compare the sound of Sweet George Brown on a regular computer in headphones, it turns out that Ace of Clubs sounds, though melodic, but with insufficient clarity. The German version is clearer, but the rough sound, especially The Grapplelli Violin, is still not acceptable. This rudeness is manifested not immediately, but as the track is listened to, which indicates how important it is not to make quick conclusions about the quality of sound.

LP mono remastering – ℗ Anton Stepichev

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