Ella and Chick Webb, 1960 LP mono rip

Young, lively, mischievous and humorous Ella sings to the accompaniment of Chick Web — a beautiful foxtrot cocktail. Remastered in 1960 German Brunswick copied from 1930s Decca originals at 78 RPM. The tracks are sorted by year of release; note how much better the clarity of the 1934 “Don’t be that way” orchestra sounds than the recordings of the second half of the 1930s.

Remastered at Brunswick, unfortunately, typical. In the studio, all the attention was focused on cleaning the tracks from noises and clicks, rather than preserving the music itself.

Don't be that way – 1934
Organ grinder's swing – 1936
Shine – 1936
The dipsy doodle – 1937
I want to be happy – 1937
Mcpherson is rehearsing' – 1938
Little white lies – 1939

LP remastering – ℗ Anton Stepichev

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