Anatoly Markovich Likhnitsky (AML) 1936-2013

He led the development of the first HI-FI components in the USSR: the “Brig 001” amplifier, the “Corvet 003” recordplayer, the “Corvet 008” cartridge. He is the author of 15 inventions, 80 scientific articles and two books, an audio-engineer of the highest degree with unique for his profession, non-standard thinking. AML made an invaluable contribution to the development of subjective HI-FI, was the first who justified the existence of intangible phenomena in audio technology logically, thanks to the impeccable knowledge of radio electronics, and not intuitively, as do Kondo and Sakuma. During the last years of his life he repeatedly defended his point of view in discussions with colleagues who consider audio anomalies self-suggestion and PR.

In the fall of 2003, at the invitation of Peter Qvortrup, AML visited AudioNote. One of the conversations with the company’s chief engineer Andy Grove was recorded by S. Taranov on a voice recorder, the conversation is devoted to abnormal phenomena in audio.

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