Soviet records – vocals, 78 rpm shellac rip

Amelita Galli-Kurchi and Lucretia Bori are so good that even in copies they still full of life and emotions, I doubt that in our time there are stars of this magnitude – digital recording and mic singing does not contribute to this. Obukhova and Chaliapin perform the famous elegy on an equal footing, it is difficult to give preference to someone, although, after all, it is Chaliapin. Partly because Obukhova is not so clearly recorded.

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Soviet gramophone Records, 78 rpm shellac rip

Examples of the sound of Soviet records at 78 turns. Pre-war "Separation" and "I am endlessly sorry" have the most full and clear sound, what wonderful melodies! Los Panchos at 78 can be compared to the LP of the same age: on 78s the top is cutted, but they sound musically better. Such impressive filigree playing and recording of guitar in “Mad Love”!

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