Anna Herman, 1975 Melody LP Rip

Anna Herman is a pop singer from God with amazing purity of voice and charisma, a rare case. Her voice breaks through the transistors of the 1970s when listening to LP, but unfortunately loses a lot after digitization.

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Frank Sinatra, 1940th 78rpm shellac rip

The plates are quite worn out by the housewives of post-war America, but they bring the timbre and intonation of Sinatra like no other source. The atmosphere of those years is conveyed perfectly.

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Prewar USA pop orchestras, 78rpm shellac rip

American pre-war records with very good sound. Clinton has a great chorus of saxophones, the orchestra is good, but Bea Wain sings so-so, Ellington orchestra emits a powerful rhythm energy with perfectly played and recorded solo on the clarinet in the middle, Ella lively and perky, can be compared with the previous version. The last two records – subtle tenors, fashionable in the 1920s, The Westerners – acoustic record, the most intelligible, but its charm in digital form is almost completely lost.

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Soviet gramophone Records, 78 rpm shellac rip

Examples of the sound of Soviet records at 78 turns. Pre-war "Separation" and "I am endlessly sorry" have the most full and clear sound, what wonderful melodies! Los Panchos at 78 can be compared to the LP of the same age: on 78s the top is cutted, but they sound musically better. Such impressive filigree playing and recording of guitar in “Mad Love”!

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Soviet stage of the 1960s, 78rpm shellac Rip

Sound examples of 78 Soviet records, vocal. I wonder how the impressions change when listening to tracks on different sound systems. In headphones on the computer, according to the sum of the pros and cons, hi-fi Brodskaya from 1960s sounds better, and when listening through the ER, the remaining tracks of 1950s are revealed and Brodskaya moves to the end of the list.

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Soviet stage of the 1960s, 78rpm shellac Rip

Examples of soviet 78 records of the 1960s, instrumental music. At that time all recordings were issued on both LP and 78 disks. In comparison with vinyl, 78 records always sounded denser and more natural although it was noisy and technically worse.

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Yuri Nikulin – Old Clown, 1970s flexible LP Rip

Flexible record. It's a beautiful record of a great artist.

Flexible Records of Krugozor magazine, 1970s LP Rip

Krugozor's records were made on relatively simple, monophonic equipment, so among them there were unusually pure in the musical sense variety recordings, reminiscent of the sound of tape recorders of the 1970s. For example, the “Pesenka o medvediah” of Vedishcheva recorded technically worse, but palpably more musical than on the hard vinyl disc of Melodia. This is a common situation – in a modern studio with lots of sophisticated equipment music always loses more than it finds, there are mass of examples of it.

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Cartoon Songs, 1970s LP Rip

Leonov is a great talent, brilliantly sang Winnie-the-Pooh. The children’s choir is made up of two tracks — the first and second verses are recorded worse than the third, in the third verse the children are very expressive. Chunga-Changa is good without question, Aida is beautiful.

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From Melody to Melody, 1960s LP Rip

Funny tracks from the series "From melody to melody." Alive, though crooked.

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