Prewar USA pop orchestras, 78rpm shellac rip

American pre-war records with very good sound. Clinton has a great chorus of saxophones, the orchestra is good, but Bea Wain sings so-so, Ellington orchestra emits a powerful rhythm energy with perfectly played and recorded solo on the clarinet in the middle, Ella lively and perky, can be compared with the previous version. The last two records – subtle tenors, fashionable in the 1920s, The Westerners – acoustic record, the most intelligible, but its charm in digital form is almost completely lost.

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Ella Fitzgerald and her Savoy eight, 78rpm shellac rip

The “Savoy eight” is a Chick Web orchestra, both tracks are on the 1960 Brunswick remastering and you can compare. It remains a mystery to me why Brunswick decided to cut the bottom in Organ grinder’s swing. On the example of Brunswick remastering you can also feel the negative impact of noise and click reduction, as a result there is not enough air and the overall mood of the music is distorted. Not good.

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Ella and Chick Webb, 1960 LP mono rip

Young, lively, mischievous and humorous Ella sings to the accompaniment of Chick Web — a beautiful foxtrot cocktail. Remastered in 1960 German Brunswick copied from 1930s Decca originals at 78 RPM. The tracks are sorted by year of release; note how much better the clarity of the 1934 “Don’t be that way” orchestra sounds than the recordings of the second half of the 1930s.

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