Charlie Parker : Why the bird? – 1950th Mono Vinyl Rip

When we listening to Charlie Parker through the Internet it is difficult to understand why they call him The Bird – the digitization muffles the unique sound of his instrument and inspired passages. Initially substandard recordings are also interfered – there were only two illustrative tracks among five LPs, I placed them at the beginning of the collection. These beautiful melodies allow you to appreciate the genius of Bird. I wonder where is he flying now.

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Charlie Parker 1947-1949 Dial and Live Broadcast – Mono Vinyl Rip

Parker's early recordings on Dial are full of drive, inspiration and craftsmanship, the quality of the shellac originals is above all praise. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get these 78 discs, and vinyl reissues presented here sound by all criteria worse. At Pickwick, all records were passed through the reverb, but even such recordings with a competent remastering often sound preferable and give a better idea of Parker's playing than technocratic digitizations from the originals on YouTube, so let them be here. Maybe someone will love them, as I once listened to this particular Pickwick album and fell in love with the music of "Bird of Paradise".

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Miles Davis and John Coltrane, 1957-1959 LPs mono Rip

A remarkable period of Miles Davis and John Coltrane cooperation, the records are more than good, even russian perestroika copy album and the German 1980s reissue of Relaxin' sound good . Miles's muted trumpet sounds natural, I would also strees your attention on Red Garland's cool piano sound in Oleo and If I Were A Bell.

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Billie Holiday ‎– Solitude, 1956 LP mono rip

The album is a prime example of Clef's recordings in the mid-1950s. The wholeness of the sound is somewhat lacking, but on successful tracks the vocals are still clear and tremulous – "You Turned The Tables On Me" and "You Go To My Head" are recorded cleanly and sound comfortable, in the second case only the piano failed.

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Billie Holiday – Stay With Me, 1958 LP mono Rip

The record lacks the bottom support and has problems with the sibilants, but Billy’s voice is quite lively and in a good shape. The songs seem to have been recorded in the mid-1950s, since by 1958 the singer's voice was already quite harsh.

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Billie Holiday – vol1, 1954 Jolly Roger LP mono rip

Re-release of 1930s-40s records on the pirate label Jolly Roger, 1954. The recors are cut from home made tape copies with very large HF losses, which can be estimated by listening on YouTube to the one remastered from the original tape – I’ll Never Be The Same. I didn’t want to mess with such LP, but then I decided to leave it as an example, and the songs are good, the best times of the great Lady Day. Also listen to Teddy Wilson’s solo on the same I’ll Never Be The Same, it is a balm for the soul. What a pity I have no original.

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Organ music, 1960th lp mono rip

For all its power, the organ is vulnerable to intangible distortions made by the sound recording even more than its smaller acoustic brothers – the organ’s soft notes is poorly discernible, and the loud chords desperately screams in all the registers, the higher the register, the more desperate it shout. In my opinion, the organ sounds quite comfortable only on some very old records, they, thanks to the LO-FI recordings of those years, can convey to the listener the sublime mood inherent in church music. The 1960s Soviet records presented here are not ideal technically, nevertheless you can feel the heavenly beauty of them, especially if you listen to the tracks using an old tube receiver as an amp.

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I.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould – 1959 LP mono rip

Reissue on the 1955s USSR Accord, the quality varies from track to track, the sound is sometimes not fully disclosed, but magical honey notes, expressive and caressing the ear, arise here and there. Gould is certainly a wizard!

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J.S.Bach – Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2 – Glenn Gould, LP mono Rip ‎

From the 3-lp set only the first (1968) and the third (1972) records have been found, from each one I took three most successfully recorded tracks. The result was an example of how the thoughtless replacement of recording equipment with a more modern one leads to the degradation of sound, in this case – the loss of natural timbres of the piano on the record of 1972 (tracks 4, 5, 6). In general, the sound of the entire second book of the WTC makes worse impression than the first (1965).

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J.S.Bach – Glenn Gould, 1960th USSR LP mono rip

On tour in the USSR Gould was recorded several times, including a live performance of the Three-Voice Inventions (1960) and a partita #2 (1962) with a well good LO-FI sound. Inventions convey the magic of the piano Gould better than studio recordings, we can only guess how great it sounded live. Rondo and sarabande from the second partita recorded somewhat tougher, there are noticeable detonations in the saraband. At the end of the list there are two finest Columbia 1964 studio recordings of inventions. The magic there is noticeably less.

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