Stan Kenton – Artistry Jamps, 1950th LP

The “Battle of the bands” compilation would have been nothing if it hadn’t been for this track, which was surprisingly inspired and recorded on very interesting, unusually clear-sounding equipment. The sound engineer can be blamed for overloading the orchestral tutti, but what a perfect piano turned out and how it perfectly sounds. What a clean, expressive saxophone and energetically charged rhythm section!

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Chet Baker With Strings, 1954 LP

Philips B 07034 L mid-1950s (original album-Columbia, 1954), the condition of the disc is below average. From an audiophile point of view, it is interesting to listen to “You don’t know what love is” where the accompanying orchestra is recorded cleanly and clearly.

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Chet Baker Sings, 1954 LP

NEW – Energophone take – 28-02-2020

A great album, both in terms of cool jazz music and the quality of the recording. The original monophonic record. The pearl of the album – "My Funny Valentine", in my opinion, is generally the best version of this song. The most purely recorded is "I get along."

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