Walter Wanderley ‎– Brazilian Blend, 1967 LP mono rip

Hi-Fi Brazilian sound of the 1960s. Wanderley is a wonderful organist who knows how to create a comfortable, positive atmosphere and has recorded many interesting albums. The disc is a late one, not the most revealing and thoroughly worn out, but “Red Roses” is great here.

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Billie Holiday Favourites, 1951 LP rip

Lo-Fi, audiophile recording. Reissue on Phillips mid-1950s, 1930s takes with Teddy Wilson, Roy Eldridge and Lester Young. A record with cracks, but the great Mandy Is Two makes sense to listen to it anyway; Billy is uniquely nice.

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Demis Roussos – Souvenirs, 1975 LP mono rip

Energophone-II Full Range take

The Souvenirs – a super hit of the maestro and a decent record!, Action lady – the orchestra is mixed competently and in a variety way beautifully, but the voice is tortured by overdubs. “Midnight Is the Time I Need You” – is a good one., “Names” – skillfully combined from pieces and based on The Shadow of Your Smile. A good sounding pop orchestra as a big plus.

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Demis Roussos – Forever and Ever, 1973 LP mono rip

Characteristic of the transistor 1970s is a dirty mid-range and a lot of compression in an attempt to correct the lack of clarity of the sound. The situation is leveled by the good bass and drums of When I’m a Kid and, of course, the unusual vocal of the young “Pop Pavarotti”, who pulls out the blurred tracks Goodbye my Love and Forever and Ever, which once became hits despite the thorough efforts of sound engineers.

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Chet Baker With Strings, 1954 LP

Philips B 07034 L mid-1950s (original album-Columbia, 1954), the condition of the disc is below average. From an audiophile point of view, it is interesting to listen to “You don’t know what love is” where the accompanying orchestra is recorded cleanly and clearly.

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