Coleman Hawkins – 1940th 78rpm shellac rip

Hawkins plays and sounds very good. The lovely LO-FI disks of the 1940s are mostly worn out, especially "Mop Mop" with Art Tatum's chic solo.

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Gilberto & Jobim, 1964 mono lp rip

Tracks from two LPs of Bossa Nova – a reissue of Capitol with somewhat blurred HF and Odeon that sounds clearer, but with strong overload. On Odeon only one normal track without distortion has been found – Bolinha De Papel.

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Laurindo Almeida – Viva Bossa Nova, 1962 LP mono rip

Hi-Fi Brazilian sound of the 1960s. In the United States, by the 1960s, the leading studios were already relatively flat and cold, while the Brazilians continued to produce warm, full-range recordings until almost the 1970s.

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Nat King Cole trio, 1951 mono LP

NEW – Energophone take – 01-03-2020

Lo-Fi, audiophile recording. King Cole’s vocals and grand piano are beautiful, the swing feeling is amazing: perfect pauses, accents, intonations. Many of these nuances would not be available on records if it weren’t for the gorgeous, live Capitol studio of the 1940s and its sound engeneers.

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Nat King Cole – Jazz Classics, 1972 mono LP

It is a rare case when the remastered recordings of the 1940s, made on the equipment of the 1970s, turn out to be quite listenable. Thanks to Capitol sound engineers, Nat King Cole swings and burns the jazz out!

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Sinatra – songs for swinging lovers, 1956 mono LP

NEW – Energophone take – 01-03-2020

A characterized recording of the mid-1950s, which no longer conveys the integrity and warmth of the Capital 1940s, but is still pleasant and quite musical. The orchestra is neat, sounds somewhat detached, and Sinatra’s baritone creates an atmosphere where everything looks expensive and lush.

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Stan Kenton – Artistry Jamps, 1950th LP

The “Battle of the bands” compilation would have been nothing if it hadn’t been for this track, which was surprisingly inspired and recorded on very interesting, unusually clear-sounding equipment. The sound engineer can be blamed for overloading the orchestral tutti, but what a perfect piano turned out and how it perfectly sounds. What a clean, expressive saxophone and energetically charged rhythm section!

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