Modern Jazz Quartet – Pyramid, 1960LP

Sound quality is very good for 1960, the vibraphone is excellent. There is somewhat lacking of overall clarity, but jazz club atmosphere is very pleasant and above all – how great the Pyramid performed!

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Milt Jackson, John Coltrane ‎– Bags & Trane, 1961 LP mono rip

Warm, jazzy atmosphere of Atlantic studio, Hi-Fi 1950s. Coltrane is clearly out of shape and out of luck with the microphone, frequently blowing into idle. The rest of the participants are on top.

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Modern Jazz Quartet – At Music Inn, 1958 LP

It turned out to be the only decent track from entire record. Vibraphone is perfectly played and recorded , which compensates for the mediocre sound of the other instruments. In general, the LP is quite strange, it sounds as if from the early 1950s. Sonny Rollins, a great saxophonist, improvised on this disc with such a mess, as if he was not allowed to sleep through after a good booze and tied one hand behind his back. Something had obviously gone wrong in the Atlantic. But the Medley still succeeded.

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