Organ music, 1960th lp mono rip

For all its power, the organ is vulnerable to intangible distortions made by the sound recording even more than its smaller acoustic brothers – the organ’s soft notes is poorly discernible, and the loud chords desperately screams in all the registers, the higher the register, the more desperate it shout. In my opinion, the organ sounds quite comfortable only on some very old records, they, thanks to the LO-FI recordings of those years, can convey to the listener the sublime mood inherent in church music. The 1960s Soviet records presented here are not ideal technically, nevertheless you can feel the heavenly beauty of them, especially if you listen to the tracks using an old tube receiver as an amp.

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I.S. Bach – Well Tempered Clavier – Part I, Sviatoslav Richter, 1973 LP mono rip

The recording was made in 1970 in one of the churches of Salzburg. Microphones are set far from the piano, the sound is dull and over echoed but rather plastic and conveys the sacred nature of the music very well. Richter plays thoughtfully, his version of WTC is imbued with light sadness and philosophical reflections.

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Beethoven – Piano concerto #3, Schnabel – Dobrowen, 1947 mono vinyl Rip

A superb performance of the concert in a good re-release on the Melodia of the 1960s. There is a master tape copy on YouTube, but despite the best clarity and dynamics, it is too harsh, so the melodic old LP version is quite entitled to exist.

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Yuri Nikulin – Old Clown, 1970s flexible LP Rip

Flexible record. It's a beautiful record of a great artist.

Anna Herman, 1975 Melody LP Rip

Anna Herman is a pop singer from God with amazing purity of voice and charisma, a rare case. Her voice breaks through the transistors of the 1970s when listening to LP, but unfortunately loses a lot after digitization.

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Prokofiev Violin Concerto №2 – Szering, 1966 vinyl Rip

Excellent for 1966 solid, musically balanced record. The impression of Henryk Szeryng with Rojdestvenskiy is very good. For some reason the LP recorded a tone above the key and the pitch had to be re-tuned with a tuning fork. Quite strange.

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N. Metner – Concert No.3, 1978 Melody LP Rip

The LP remastered from shellac records of the 1940s on the Russian Melodia in 1978 by Nikolai Morozov. Medtner paid little care for external effects in his music, which is partly why he was not as popular as Rachmaninoff or Prokofiev. All this, of course, does not detract from the importance of the maestro, on the contrary, only adds respect.

Nikolai Medtner – Concerto No. 3 (Ballad) For Piano And Orchestra, In E Minor, Op. 60 performed by the author, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Isai Dobrovein.

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Classical Guitar, Soviet 1960s LP Rip

Four examples of the beautiful classical guitar.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1972 Melody LP mono Rip

Listen to the magic of Ivanov-Kramsky's guitar – the best performance of the Preludes of Villa-Lobos. The sound of the record is too compressed though.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1965 Melody LP Rip

It sounds like a re-release of 1940s records. Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy is one of the few classical guitarists with a filigree sense of rhythm, hypnotic sound and calligraphic sound extraction.

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