I.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould – 1959 LP mono rip

Reissue on the 1955s USSR Accord, the quality varies from track to track, the sound is sometimes not fully disclosed, but magical honey notes, expressive and caressing the ear, arise here and there. Gould is certainly a wizard!

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J.S.Bach – Glenn Gould, 1960th USSR LP mono rip

On tour in the USSR Gould was recorded several times, including a live performance of the Three-Voice Inventions (1960) and a partita #2 (1962) with a well good LO-FI sound. Inventions convey the magic of the piano Gould better than studio recordings, we can only guess how great it sounded live. Rondo and sarabande from the second partita recorded somewhat tougher, there are noticeable detonations in the saraband. At the end of the list there are two finest Columbia 1964 studio recordings of inventions. The magic there is noticeably less.

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Vladimir Sofronitsky, 1960th mono vinyl rip

Among more than a dozen long-playing records of Sofronitsky turned out to be only a few good-sounding tracks, it is a pity that a pianist of this high level was recorded with such disregard.

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Sofronitsky performs Prokofiev, 1959 LP Rip

Sofronitsky plays a little softer than Prokofiev, but his charisma is not inferior.

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Classical Guitar, Soviet 1960s LP Rip

Four examples of the beautiful classical guitar.

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