Soviet gramophone Records, 78 rpm shellac rip

Examples of the sound of Soviet records at 78 turns. Pre-war "Separation" and "I am endlessly sorry" have the most full and clear sound, what wonderful melodies! Los Panchos at 78 can be compared to the LP of the same age: on 78s the top is cutted, but they sound musically better. Such impressive filigree playing and recording of guitar in “Mad Love”!

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Organ music, 1960th lp mono rip

For all its power, the organ is vulnerable to intangible distortions made by the sound recording even more than its smaller acoustic brothers – the organ’s soft notes is poorly discernible, and the loud chords desperately screams in all the registers, the higher the register, the more desperate it shout. In my opinion, the organ sounds quite comfortable only on some very old records, they, thanks to the LO-FI recordings of those years, can convey to the listener the sublime mood inherent in church music. The 1960s Soviet records presented here are not ideal technically, nevertheless you can feel the heavenly beauty of them, especially if you listen to the tracks using an old tube receiver as an amp.

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Classical Guitar, Soviet 1960s LP Rip

Four examples of the beautiful classical guitar.

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Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy, 1956 LP Rip

Impeccable intonation and taste – so you can characterize the guitar playing of A. Ivanov-Kramskoy, these tracks in particular.

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Gerard Le Breton, 1950s LP Rip

The magical night road of Le Breton, hypnotizes as soon as the piano begins to play.

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From Melody to Melody, 1960s LP Rip

Funny tracks from the series "From melody to melody." Alive, though crooked.

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