Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.1 – Oystrakh-Kondrashin, 1957 LP Rip

RTU RSFSR 618-57 – the record is similar to the TU-1kl of the early 1950s — all the music in the palm of your hand. The Oistrakh’s violin is crystal clear, rhythmically and dynamically adjusted, melodic. Kondrashin’s orchestra is also on its top.

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Organ music, 1960th lp mono rip

For all its power, the organ is vulnerable to intangible distortions made by the sound recording even more than its smaller acoustic brothers – the organ’s soft notes is poorly discernible, and the loud chords desperately screams in all the registers, the higher the register, the more desperate it shout. In my opinion, the organ sounds quite comfortable only on some very old records, they, thanks to the LO-FI recordings of those years, can convey to the listener the sublime mood inherent in church music. The 1960s Soviet records presented here are not ideal technically, nevertheless you can feel the heavenly beauty of them, especially if you listen to the tracks using an old tube receiver as an amp.

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Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto, N. Shkolnikova – 1950th LP mono rip

Kirill Kondrashin conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, violin solo by Nelly Shkolnikova. The D-02176 GOST 5289-56, recorded in the first half of the 1950s, was reissued after 1956 from the original matrix (without re-recording on a newer equipment, as it was commonly practiced in the late 1950s in USSR). The recording bears all the signs of early soviet LPs of the TU-1kl – on the one hand the magnificent sound of the soloist, on the other – the unimportantly recorded orchestra. This performance is without a doubt one of the best interpretations of Tchaikovsky's concerto and a perfect example of violin recording.

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Beethoven – Kreutzer Sonata, Polyakin – Diakov, 1938 shellac Rip

A set of five 78 records, reissue of the 1950s: gorgeous version of the sonata, there is a lot of lovely nuances in the playing of both, Polyakin and Diakov. The connoisseurs of the subtleties of violin sound will be excited.

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Prokofiev – f-ing concert No.3, Gilels – Kondrashin, 1953 LP Rip

The TU-1kl 33 album, Gilels sounds much more interesting than its later editions on Melody. The orchestra looks weaker in the background of the piano.

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A. Machavariani – Violin Concerto, 1952 LP Rip

The concert is full of southern temperament and harmonies, Wyman performs it just magnificently, it is a pity that it was recorded so little. The label is TU-1kl 33: the orchestra is dynamic though distorted and harsh, the solo violin tells amazing stories! The recording was originally made in pieces of 3.5 minutes – the beginning of the first part, the entire second part except the last 3.5 minutes and the end of the final part recorded noticeably worse.

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A. Glazunov – Slavic quartet, 1953 LP Rip

The recording is magical, the instruments sing cleanly, merge into unusual-sounding chords, and create a touching, lyrical atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is these subtle-sounding recordings that suffer the most when digitized and uploaded to the site, and it is almost impossible to fully assess the characteristic features of the sound of such tracks on the Internet.

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Beethoven – Violin Concerto, D. Oystrakh 1952 LP Rip

TU-1kl 33 with a small red apple – the first Soviet LP records with surprisingly contradictory sound: the orchestra is clamped, sharp, while the solo instruments are clear, clean and with incredibly subtle intonations. Oystrach and his Stradivarius are in great shape on this record, they are a single whole, creating a musical narrative, interesting from beginning to the end. Oystrakh starts playing from the third minute and no longer lets anybody go off.

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Colette Renard – Raymond Legrand, 1967 LP Rip

Recordings by Colette Renard and the Raymond Legrand pop Orchestra from a tour in the USSR. It seems like these tours were in 1961, for these old years, the record sounds somewhat cold. Although when compared to Frida Baccara (1966), everything falls into place, Renard sounds clearer.

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Los Panchos, 1950s LP Rip

Recordings with great clarity of sound, judging by the sound – the originals of the 1940s. Wonderful musicians, a trip to Mexico of seventy years ago.

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