Billie Holiday – Stay With Me, 1958 LP mono Rip

The record lacks the bottom support and has problems with the sibilants, but Billy’s voice is quite lively and in a good shape. The songs seem to have been recorded in the mid-1950s, since by 1958 the singer's voice was already quite harsh.

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Charlie Parker : Why the bird? – 1950th Mono Vinyl Rip

When we’re listening to Charlie Parker through the Internet, it is difficult to understand why they call him The Bird – the digitization muffles the unique sound of his instrument and inspired passages. Initially substandard recordings are also interfered – there were only two illustrative tracks among five LPs, I placed them at the beginning of the collection. These beautiful melodies allow you to appreciate the genius of the Bird. I wonder where is he flying now.

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Stan Getz – Joao Gilberto #2, 1964 LP mono rip

Live recording at Carnegie Hall. Gilberto’s voice is plastic and clear, double bass sounds deaf, the drummer – slurred, but the quality of vocals still makes the record a good example of 1960s live recordings.

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Stan Getz – Joao Gilberto, 1964 LP mono rip

The cult hi-fi Bossa Nova album, sound is not as beautiful as the previous one – it is colder and sharper, with distorted sibilants. In annotation he is praised as the best-sounding album, the master tape is recorded at a speed of 30 inches per second instead of the usual fifteen. The author of the annotation admires the sound of the piano, I confess, I can not understand why.

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Antonio Carlos Jobim,1963 LP mono rip

The recording demonstrates the magnificent sound of the piano of Jobim – soulful, singing and expressive. Such a natural sound of piano is a big rarity.

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Billie Holiday ‎– Lady Sings The Blues, 1956 LP Rip

Billy’s recordings on Clef and Verve were not distinguished by neat sound engineering work, sometimes they came out blurred, sometimes they were recorded with overloads and the treble was twisted to a whistle. Billie is beautiful in spite of the second hand crackling vinyl. I Thought About You is amazing.

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Oscar Peterson – Swinging Brass, 1959 LP

Oscar Peterson was a virtuoso, but he was not distinguished by the subtlety of his improvisations. He was far from the exquisite style of Wilson and Gardner, but he was not discouraged and was popular, like none of his competitors. His speed cliches are predictable and boring, but where Peterson doesn’t try to play fast and for some reason holds back his temper, he’s not bad at it. Peterson’s piano sounds full-fledged and sometime you can get purely audiophile pleasure from it, while omitting the jazz aesthetic.
The orchestra recorded poorly, but the piano is of audiophile and musical value, and the percussion is perfectly recorded in the Cubana Chant with a separate microphone.

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