Violin Electric recordings, 78rpm shellac rip

Young Menuhin and Oystrakh are inimitable, Oystrakh has a unique interpretation of Scriabin. Kreisler is amazingly good at showing the despair of the second part of Brahms's concerto, Tchaikovsky of 1946 Przygoda is as expressive as it could be. Oistrakh-Yampolsky-Oborin’s 1950s recording quality are no longer as beautiful as prewar ones, but Oistrakh's violin still sings excellent, especially in the "Reflection". Goldstein is an example of a great Soviet recording of the 1930s, unfortunately the record has some cracks.

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Violin acoustic recordings, 78rpm shellac rip

The great violinists of the early 20th century: melancholic Vasa Prihoda, refined Misha Elman, Jan Kubelik – the great phrasing master, the effortless-bow of Erika Morini and the pedantic style of Eugen Ysaye. Together with Kubelik sings unforgettable Nellie Melba.

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