Here you will find precise descriptions of unusual Lo-Fi audio technologies, as well as excellent music restored from old vinyl and shellac records.

Chet Baker Sings, 1954 LP

NEW – Energophone take – 28-02-2020

A great album, both in terms of cool jazz music and the quality of the recording. The original monophonic record. The pearl of the album – "My Funny Valentine", in my opinion, is generally the best version of this song. The most purely recorded is "I get along."

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Sakuma Susumu 1943-2018

Sakuma became a cult HI-FI personality thanks to numerous public auditions ("concerts") of his audio systems, first in Japan and later in Europe. Sakuma's concerts opened the eyes to many that sound production is an art and that recording can evoke as much emotion as live music evokes. He is the author of 40 articles published in the journal Musen to Jikken.
Sakuma's Ideology

Anatoly Markovich Likhnitsky (AML) 1936-2013

He led the development of the first HI-FI components in the USSR: the “Brig 001” amplifier, the “Corvet 003” recordplayer, the “Corvet 008” cartridge. He is the author of 15 inventions, 80 scientific articles and two books, an audio-engineer of the highest degree with unique for his profession, non-standard thinking. AML made an invaluable contribution to the development of subjective HI-FI, was the first who justified the existence of intangible phenomena in audio technology logically, thanks to the impeccable knowledge of radio electronics, and not intuitively, as do Kondo and Sakuma. During the last years of his life he repeatedly defended his point of view in discussions with colleagues who consider audio anomalies self-suggestion and PR.

Vector Orientation Of Audio Parts

Setting up a high-end audio system is not only a technical process, but also an esoteric one. A good system like a fractal can reveal more and more new shades of music if you do not limit yourself to only technical knowledge of radio engineering during the setup process. Knowledge of Vector Orientation is the know-how that will help you create audio systems with unsurpassed clarity and warmth of sound, or customize the sound of ready-made systems.
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